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Puppy Class This class is for vaccinated puppies aged 9 weeks and older, who are destined to be family pets.  Goals for the class include attention to the handler, sit, down, come, basic manners, safe puppy interaction, etc.  We will also try to help with any “issues” the pups in the class are having. This is a FUN class for pups & their people!  

Beginning (Novice) Obedience This class is for dogs at LEAST five to six months old, and adult dogs who have had little or no prior training. Goals for the class include consistent response to the sit, down, come, heel & stay commands.  This class is ideal for family pets.  We will also try to help with any “issues” the dogs in the class are having.

Competitive Obedience This class is for dogs with some prior training, and is designed to prepare dogs for the Companion Dog or Companion Dog Excellent titles. We will review the basic exercises, plus work with distractions and simulate trial/test conditions. 

Performance Puppy Class This unique program is designed for people who intend to pursue competitive dog sports when their pups mature. Although the emphasis is on FUN, the exercises are geared more toward handler attention and focus. Your pup will be introduced to many activities designed to help you succeed later.  Please contact us for the performance puppy schedule of classes.  This class is only scheduled when demand warrants.  

Canine Good Citizenship Class This is a ten week class and the cost is $125.   The test is given on week nine, and again on week ten to give every dog and handler team the best chance of success.  

Obedience For Agility  This six-week class is designed to prepare dogs for off-leash work and as a fun introduction to some of the obstacles.  Handlers are coached to give them a foundation on off-leash control of their dog before formal agility class.


Beginning class is for dogs will little or no agility experience.  We will cover the proper way to execute the standard obstacles.  Most work will be on leash, but we will also be covering basic obedience for agility work.  

Novice class is for those dogs who have become familiar with the basic obstacles, and we will progress toward advanced handling skills and sequencing.

More advanced levels of agility class will be offered as students progress, or as demand warrants.  

Tentative Schedule

Canine Good Citizenship $125

10 weeks 


Obedience for Agility $75

6 weeks 


Puppy Basics (for 10-26 wk old pups) Ongoing - 6 classes for $75

Flex schedule

Sat. in Perry, Tues. in Monticello, Thurs. in Mayo

Competitive Obedience  $20 per lesson Ongoing - by appointment

Flex schedule

by appointment


6 weeks 


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Not every class will be offered each session, and classes fill up quickly, so let us know your needs ASAP.

This form is a work in progress....after you have submitted it to us, we will contact you for the additional information we will need.  Please submit one form for EACH dog you wish to enroll in class.  Thank you for your patience.

Which class are you interested in attending?

Novice Agility Class  (for dogs with some prior training and good leash manners).  

Intermediate Agility Class  (for dogs with prior agility training and good off-leash control)    This class is on-going, and drop-ins may be permitted with instructor's approval.

Novice Obedience and/or Canine Good Citizenship  (Beginning obedience exercises - this class is a pre-requisite for most of the others).  

Obedience for Agility (This class is a prerequisite for agility unless you are pre-approved, contact instructor for an evaluation if you are not sure).

Puppy Class (maximum 5 months old - class is geared toward household pets).  

Performance Puppy Class  (maximum 6 months old - class is geared toward puppies who plan to do competitive dog sports)  This class will meet as demand warrants. Drop-ins may be permitted, contact instructor for approval.

Competitive Obedience  (Trial preparedness, working with distractions, off-leash exercises, etc.)  This class is ONGOING and meets at various locations.  Drop-ins are permitted with instructor approval.    Private coaching is also available.

Competitive Agility (Trial Readiness, strategy, etc.)  This class is ONGOING and meets at various locations.  Drop-ins are permitted with instructor approval.  Private coaching is also available. 

Describe (in the space below) any specific problems you are having, and the training goals you have for this dog.  

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Mondays at 3pm   Mondays at 4pm Mondays at 5pm Mondays at 6pm Mondays at 7pm
Tuesdays at 5:30 Wednesdays at 3pm Wednesdays at 5pm  Fridays at 5pm Fridays at 5:30
Fridays at 6pm Fridays at 6:30 Fridays at 7pm Fridays at 4pm Saturdays at 1pm
Saturdays at 2pm Saturdays at 3pm Saturdays at 4pm Weekday morning classes Willing to come twice per week


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