Fae von Dorfchen Grum Majestat
DOB 04/20/2002

Registered with AKC

OFA Good GS-69153G24F-Pl

Elbows Normal GS-EL16371F-24-Pl


Fae is a very affectionate dog who gets along well with other dogs and loves people.
She has an excellent pedigree of herding and schutzhund showline German dogs. 


Fae's Pedigree:

V-Josko Kirschental SchH3 FH a1

Large picture of V Josko vom Kirschental

V(BSZS) Jack Waterloo SchH3 a1Large picture of V Yack von Waterloo

V-Kratmosens Grando SchH3 a2Large picture of V Kratmosens Gambo

V(BSZS)-Jello Wienerau SchH3 a1Large picture of V Jello von der Wienerau

V-Laura Wiesenborn SchH2 IP2 HGH a3

V-Quinta Fichtenspitze SchH1 a6

VA-Cimbo Burg Reichenstein SchH3 FH a2Large picture of VA Cimbo von der Burg Reichenstein

V-Shila Fichtenspitze SchH1 a1

Naiki Kirschental SchH3 a1

VA-Karly Arminius SchH3 FH  a1Large picture of VA Karly von Arminius

VA1-Kimon Dan Alhedy's Hoeve SchH3 a1Large picture of VA Kimon van Dan Alhedy's Hoeve

VA-Marit Wildsteiger Land SchH3  a1Large picture of VA (ITALY) Marit vom Wildsteiger Land

V(BSZS)-Inga Kirschental SchH3 HGH a1(HGH-Siegerin 1995) Large picture of V Inga vom Kirschental

VA1-Jeck  Noricum SchH3  FH Large picture of VA Jeck vom Noricum

V-Ziewa Kirschental HGH a1

SG-Tibby Haus Magis SchHA HGH a1

Large picture of SG Tibby v Haus Magis

V-Sambo Ostfriesischen Thingstätte SchH2 a2
(SG22 12-18-class 1994)

VA-Apoll Laacher-Haus SchH3 FH IP3 a1Large picture of VA Apoll vom Laacher-Haus

VA1-Jeck  Noricum SchH3  FH Large picture of VA Jeck vom Noricum

V-Gitte Laacher-Haus SchH3 a1Large picture of V Gitte vom Laacher-Haus

V-Ziska Ostfriesischen Thingstätte SchH1 a1

V-Zasko Klostermoor SchH3 FH  a1Large picture of V Zasko vom Klostermoor

V-Ina Ostfriesischen Thingstätte SchH1 a1

V(BSZS)-Laika Haus Magis HGH a1

V(BSZS)-Orkan Dalwigerholz SchH3 a1

V-Vopo Kirschental SchH3 FH
(Youth-Vice-Sieger 1986) Large picture of V Vopo vom Kirschental


V-Holli Hylligen-Born SchH3

V Esta Haus Magis HGH

Ringo Kirschental  

Henni Kirschental


Linebreeding in Fae von Dorfchen Grum Majestat

FAE'S PUPS ARE HERE!  See them on the Puppy Page


This exciting litter is linebred on:

Both parents have truly wonderful, people loving  temperaments with no trace of aggression.  Although it would be nice to have show homes for these gorgeous babies, this is an excellent litter to consider for families with young children.   

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