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She has always loved the snow, above photo taken many years ago when she was young, and this photo was taken at eight years of age on a visit to Pennsylvania:

Hollow Hills' Cynosure, CGC, NA, NAJ, CD, TDI, OFA  "Stellar" as we call her, is the foundation brood bitch of our breeding program. Her temperament is flawless, her trainability and willingness to please is unsurpassed, and she's got a fabulous pedigree and dynamite looks to boot! She is pregnant with the final litter of her illustrious career.


Hollow Hills' Cynosure OFA CGC NA NAJ CD TDI
aka "Stellar"

Stellar was born on Jan. 28, 1999.  She passed her Canine Good Citizen test a few days after her first birthday, at the Canine Learning Experience held annually in Allentown at the fairgrounds.  She is in training for obedience and agility titles from the AKC.    She likes agility better, because she gets to run around off leash and get lots of treats!   

Stellar earned her Novice Agility Dog and Novice Jumpers With Weaves titles in only three trials (Tampa 1/01, Syracuse 3/01 & Harrisburg 4/01).  This is quite an accomplishment in itself, but of her six qualifying legs toward those titles, she got three first places, one high GSD, two thirds and a fourth.   Here she is showing off her ribbons.....

She was quite the agility dog in her prime!  But her talents don't end there....she earned her first two obedience legs at the Lackawanna Kennel Club's obedience trial (our *favorite* obedience trialing venue!).  She finished her title at the Hatfield Kennel Club Trial.  She is now nine years old but still loves to work...she's got her heart set on a VCD1.  Stellar also passed her Herding Instinct test in November of 2002, and so did her puppy, Whatsin! He was only six months old at the time.  All of Stellar's offspring and their progeny as well have passed their herding instinct test.

Stellar's father is a German dog V Star vom Hasenborn, SchH 3, and her mother is Champion Hollow Hills Sierra v Cherpa, an American show dog.  


Stellar combines the very best that American and German bloodlines have to offer.  Her first litters produced gorgeous puppies with exemplary temperaments.  She has been bred to American Champions, West German show line, and working line males with excellent results.

german shepherd puppies available in Pennsylvania  

Stellar's sire, 
V Star v Hasenborn, SchH 3 Kkl 1 "a"

Stellar's dam, 
CH Hollow Hills' Sierra v Cherpa OFA


V1 Star v Hasenborn, SchH III german import sire of Hollow Hills' Cynosure, CGC, NA, NAJ, CD  "Stellar"

Star's pedigree


CH Hollow Hills' Sierra v Cherpa, champion dam of Hollow Hills' Cynosure, CGC, NA, NAJ, CD  "Stellar"

Sierra's pedigree

Stellar with female pup Aura:
German shepherd breeder german shepard

Stellar is my pride and joy.  She sleeps next to my bed every night.  Her favorite command is "lap!" which allows her to jump up on me for hugs and cuddles.  She is a very protective watchdog and passes this instinct on to her puppies.  Her character is impeccable, and she is always ready to join me on the training field, whether for obedience, agility, or even herding!  Here she is after her first herding instinct test, which she passed joyfully with flying colors:

German shepherd herding dog HGH

Stellar has given us some wonderful puppies, including some we took to the show ring:

German Shepherd stud dog

This is "Whatsin" from Stellar's first litter, winning the 6-9 month old puppy class at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club show. He was sired by a West German show line male, V Vrey van dan Alhedy's Hoeve SchH3, and is a Lasso grandson.

This female from Stellar's second litter won "Best of Breed" and took second place in the Herding Group her first time out in the show ring as a three month old at the Penn Treaty Kennel Club's match show. She is shown at right and below left with her brother.

German Shepherd puppies available.

Stellar breeds remarkably true to type, as evidenced by this photo of two ten month old pups - a female on the left and male on the right.  Except for their sex characteristics, they are like two peas in a pod!  The same is true of the two long coated sisters below.

German Shepherd litter mates

long coated german shepherd LH GSD

Stellar carries the recessive gene for "long coatedness" and has given birth to three long-coated puppies so far in her breeding career.  These  puppies are perhaps even more adorable than their "regular coated" siblings. The long coated puppies are always considered "pet quality" as this is an undesirable trait for the show ring, but the pups possess their mother's quality in every other respect except for coat length.  They are such adorable teddy bears, who could resist?  They are often the first puppies selected from a litter.  They can grow to be larger than their "normal" coated siblings, but not always.

 This one wanted to help me with the laundry: 
LH German Shepherd puppy 

Here is a male Stellar puppy sired by an American Champion, shown at 18 months:
German Shepherd stud dog
Loyalville's Achtung Hans

And his litter sister at 18 months:
German Shepherd champion sired female
This same bitch, Stellar daugther Loyalville's Amelia Dearhart, is the *first* German Shepherd to earn a working title from the AKC at the Inaugural Working Dog Sport trial held at the German Shepherd National Specialty show in Fort Collins, CO in 2007, here she is posing with the judge and the President of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America:

Here is an 8 month old daughter of Stellar, sired by a working line German male, Zayn Loyalville v Hollenburg
eight month old german shepherd female puppy for sale and a grown up Cassie shown with her first litter of Stellar's grandpuppies:

Stellar shown with one of her first litters:
Beautiful pups from Stellar's litter with Yukon von der Ritterberg:
Little Red:


Pups from Stellar's 2004 litter with Wolko vom Kirschental

From left, Stellar son Eubie, granddaughter Isis, grandson Cooper, and son Little Red:

Stellar (far left) with son (2nd from left) and grandson (far right):


Stellar's puppies are quite versatile and possess their dam's keen intelligence and fabulous work ethic - they are doing agility, obedience, search and rescue, cadaver search, therapy work, and schutzhund. What is fabulous is the way her offspring's offspring continue to possess all of Stellar's wonderful qualities.  She is truly the foundation bitch of a lifetime.   E-mail us to reserve a Stellar puppy of your own from her FINAL LITTER, due Jan. 2009, sired by German Import Show Line male Loyalville's Maverick, himself a son of OFA Excellent Oni von der Netheperle, and V Rick dei Verdi Colli, SchH3.  Maverick has a fantastic temperament, he had his first litter with Stellar in 2008, and the pups were positively stunning, here is Maverick with Stellar:

We expect flashy black & red pups from this repeat breeding, along with a possibility of a long coat.  This is a beautiful female pup from their first litter together:

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